Meet the Iberian Big Band

An impressive musical group that fuses different genres. They presented the album "For once in my life" in 2013.

Iberian Big Band is a musical project that began to take its first steps at the end of 2010. Professionals of recognized prestige in the world of music, coming from different fields (classical music, rock, jazz, blues, soul…) and with an enormous trajectory as members of innumerable musical projects (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badajoz, Orquesta de Extremadura, Inlavables, and a long etc…) join forces in this impressive group that has a remarkable recognition of public and critics.

In 2013 they presented their album “For once in my life ” with singers Gene García and Mili Vizcaíno. together with singers Gene García and Mili Vizcaíno where they interpret great themes of the history of jazz written for this group.

Swing era songs like “Sing, Sing, Sing”, classics like “Fly me to the moon” or “More” immortalized by the great Frank Sinatra join “Route 66”, “Every day I have the blues”, “Blues in the night”, “For once in my life”, “A night in Tunisia”, “La fiesta”…. impressive songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Chick Corea and other musical geniuses that are interpreted with a refined technique, an exquisite style and a powerful and resounding sound.

IBERIAN BIG BAND turns each of their concerts into a unique and genuine event.


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