Vicente Contador: A Multifaceted Saxophonist at the Forefront of Contemporary Music

Artistic Career

Vicente Contador stands out as a versatile saxophonist, intimately linked to the interpretative currents of contemporary music. His impressive career has been characterized by close collaboration with renowned composers, participating in more than thirty world premieres. Among these composers are outstanding names such as Pérez Ribes, Gordillo, Santiago, De la Peña, Jacinto, Sprintz, Asmus, Yeznikian, Soliè, Navarro, Terrón, Fontán, De la Rubia, Muñoz, Samano, Díaz Jerez, among others.

Training and Recognition

Vicente Contador’s solid academic background is a fundamental pillar of his career. Graduated with the highest qualifications as Professor of Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music in Badajoz, Spain, he stood out from his first steps. His commitment to excellence led him to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Extremadura, where hedefended his doctoral thesis in 2012, obtaining the qualification of Excellent Cum Laude for his research on the saxophone.

International Collaborations and Awards

Vicente Contador has enriched his art by collaborating with some of today’s most outstanding musicians. His presence on international stages includes collaborations with Sleswig-Holstein Symphonic Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, Orquesta de Extremadura, Ensemble XX-XXI, Cuarteto Saxioma, Saxtrem Saxophone Quartet, Iberian Big Band, Extremadura Film Orchestra, Ensemble Teatro del Arte Sonoro, and many other soloists and ensembles.

Teaching and Pedagogical Commitment

Since 2000, Vicente Contador plays a fundamental role as Professor of Saxophone at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badajoz, being also artistic director of the Saxophone Ensemble of the CSMB. His pedagogical work extends to the Escuela Superior de Música Forum Musikae in Madrid, Spain, where he shares his knowledge with new talents. Since 2020, his prestige as an artist and ambassador for Selmer-Paris is a testament to his excellence in the world of the saxophone.

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