Ensemble Teatro del Arte Sonoro

A creation and research laboratory that fuses music and stage, challenging artistic stereotypes and generating new artistic proposals.

The Ensemble Teatro del arte sonoro is a music-scene creation and research laboratory that invites reflection on artistic stereotypes, creating questions in the communication process.

To explore this relationship between scenic and musical elements, the Laboratory involves the different actors of the creative process to generate new artistic proposals. In this space of creation and experimentation we place composers as well as instrumental performers and directors of the staging, in a search for threads of communication between the scenic essentialism to communicate meanings and the awareness of the musical performers of the dramatic elements.

Ensemble Teatro del arte sonoro we are: Rebeca Santiago (direction, voice and guitar), Vicente Contador (saxophones), Eduardo Moreno (piano), Jessica Crutzen (flute), Sergio Sánchez (clarinet), Inma Soriano (cello) and Víctor Flores (violin).


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