Concert with Ensemble Teatro del Arte Sonoro at MEIAC, Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (Badajoz, Spain).

Concert of the Ensemble Teatro del Arte Sonoro within the XV Cycle of Contemporary Music of the CSMB. A suggestive program with works by A. Aska, S. Blardony, A. Kaiser, R. Santiago, V. Meyer, F. Novel Sámano and G. Díaz-Jerez. Performers: Sandra Mostaza (flute), Iván Gómez (clarinet), Vicente Contador (saxophone), Víctor Flores (violin), Inma Soriano (cello), Pablo Mimbrero (percussion), Eduardo Moreno (piano), Diana Vara (percussion) and Rebeca Santiago (guitar, voice and direction). Free admission.

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